A new era.

I’ve been feeling a little lost recently.

I guess with pushing the album release date back and having to reschedule shows, it’s beaten me a bit. I never like to let people down and I feel like I have. Life can be tough sometimes and we all have different ways of dealing with those struggles. Sometimes I pull the duvet over my head and want the entire world to leave me alone, and sometimes I get up and get on with it. The past few days I locked myself away and didn’t want to talk to anyone. 

It’s ok not be ok. We’re only human after all. We aren’t robots. When we’re sad we’re sad and when we’re happy we’re happy. Don’t be ashamed to show your feelings. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. 

I want to say thank you. You guys always know what to say to put a smile back on my face and inspire my soul. Each and everyone of you touch my heart and fill it with so much love, that is something I cannot repay. However I do hope to try with this album. I have put everything that I have into it and completely poured my heart out to the point that I have nothing left to say. I’m so impatient as I want you to hear it right now.

So thank you, for being my inspiration and keeping me out of bed and motivated to make something of my life. You, yes YOU. Are awesome. I love you.

Make sure to leave a little comment below and say Hi. I’ll reply to as many of them as I can cause I love talking to you. 

All my love. 


4 thoughts on “A new era.

  1. My everything I have so much love for you you inspire me with your music and how kind you are never stop I inspire to be like you ♥️


  2. Hi David!
    I’m happy that you’re honest with us. This shows how good relationship we have. Everyone has better and worse moments in life. Remember that we are always there for you.
    I love you ❤


  3. I’m crying!! You got it right, and I am so proud that you do show us your feelings even when you’re down! You know we’ll always be there for you.
    I’m thankful for having you in my life and knowing a person as kind and funny as you.
    Also, you hold tight because you are a very talented singer, you’re time to shine will come for sure X
    Love you


  4. You’re AMAZING David, don’t let the world bring you down you’re so strong. It doesn’t matter that you had to push the album back just means it’ll turn out even more amazing and I can’t wait to hear it and see you at the gig. Keep your head up we got your back 🙂 ♥️


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